Cathoo and Cherry are sisters going to the University of Toronto. But... Cathoo is an Engineering student, and Cherry is in Arts and Science. This makes them diametrically opposite. Can they overcome their differences and save the city? No, but it's our own kind of fun. It's...


By Cathoo and Cherry

Wednesday , May 28 , 2003


Superstar Cathoo has something to say...

Oooohhh yeah! Matrix Reloaded action-type sequence. I thought that the movie was decent, but everyone is streched too thin over many projects. The "music" in the background of the comic is, of course, "Spybreak" by Propellerheads.

Now, as I'm looking at this picture, I can only see the very top. Hopefully Cherry knows where she saved the file and she can fix it up. (Share and name your pictures properly, otherwise I can't fix things like this!)

Two more weeks until I have a bunch of time off of work, but I'll be busy. Very. Don't even try to talk to me. I have company, and perogies to cook.


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